Fastest VPN services

Find the VPN service faster according to the place where you live

Fastest VPN services

This tool shows you speed servers of various VPN services around the world, so that you can choose the faster depending on your location.

Find the VPN service faster according to the place where you live
There are many reasons why you’d want to use a VPN, either you want to keep your safe and private traffic, or need to jump geographic restrictions on services or web sites.

The VPN services are mostly easy to use, and offer a layer of additional security when browsing the web. However, most are also payment and do not offer unlimited browsing at least hire a plan that covers it, so it is important that you consider what you should be more according to your needs and location, as one of the main complaints of users of VPN is the slow one that gets your connection when they start using it.

Here is where enters, a project created by geeks of the MIT so find the VPN over fast in your region. Vpnify not is associated with any provider specific, its only purpose is help you to test the quality of the service that offer different VPN in time real.

With some servers distributed in various places in North America, Europe and Australia, vpnify can check the speed of connection of various VPN services and its different servers around the world. Although by now only have a dozen services for testing, you can always send them an email and request to add any new to the list which is in constant expansion.

The site has an accuracy of more than the 90%, and is quite simple of use. It only that have that do is choose the supplier of VPN of the list to the left and wait that loaded them points blue in the map. These points represent a server, and have a number that shows the speed in Mbits/second which is able to reach the VPN in a region. Whilst greater the number and closer is your location on the map, will better that VPN to you. It’s simple.

Are you looking for the best VPN? Here’s a comparative giant more than 100 services

Although we often speak of the VPN (virtual private networks) as a tool to access services in other countries, especially the U.S. catalog of Netflix, the reason why you should consider hiring one is your privacy. This gigantic comparative can be ayudart.

Navigate through a VPN means that even your own Internet provider can access the content you visit, and that extra privacy is especially interesting in public Wi-Fi networks – as he showed a couple of weeks ago an experiment of AVAST. He problem is that choose a supplier of VPN that is suits to your needs can be overwhelming: between discounts temporary, opinions of Internet that can be “sponsored” and the lack of information on them options of safety of some services, was missing a comparative full and 100% objective.

Of that is has commissioned the user of Reddit That One Privacy Guy, that devoted several days to complete a table in Google Docs near 130 rows and 40 columns. That One Privacy Guy’s VPN Comparison Chart compares more than a hundred services both in price and availability as in options more specific of security, privacy, settings and good practices.