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How to play Hearthstone like a PRO – Some tips you should keep in mind

How to play Hearthstone like a PRO

Search mount your deck always thinking about how he will get all 30 points of the hero. After all, it’s no use to invoke legendary and powerful cards if you will lose in the next round.

Making choices is part of the game, and you should consider what will be the most favorable for you according to the situation of the match. An example of this is when the opponent put in field a powerful letter, but his life points are low-might not be the best choice to spend your magic damage to finalize that lackey. Everything will depend on how you built your deck and how it can operate to terminate that opponent.

Predict the cards of the opponent

Over time, you will identify which are the possible letters on decks of opponents and suspicious when he will be guarding a spell especially to destroy that powerful lackey or clear the field of weak monsters. Letters are usually unique to the heroes, and working with this factor will be important to take advantage of its forecast.

A common example of this is when you get a powerful lackey on hand and is playing a wizard. Are great chances of him telling a direct damage spell or a Polimorfia (which turns your Monster in a 1/1 Sheep), so it’s much more strategic play a median lackey to put pressure on him to use the spells in this monster hearthstone guide to legend.

Risk the luck at the right time

Hearthstone, in a way different from the other games in the genre, has many cards with effects that depend on luck, as fire spells between random lackeys or a percentage of chance to buy additional cards at turn.1

Work with these effects can cause situations favourable or unfavourable, and knowing when to risk it is important to gain an important advantage during the match.

One of the classic cases in which risk the luck at the start of the game is when it invokes the Mad Bomber, causing three damage in any character on the Board. It can end the opponent, but also assassinate his weak monster in the field with an interesting effect.

It is important to note that studying the possibilities is always necessary to determine when betting on luck. However, there are cases of victory or defeat, and the legendary Deathwing, which clears the field for the mighty Dragon and discards all their cards, is praying that that opponent with few letters do not buy just one that will make him win.