The Influence of Instagram

Instagram is posing to overcome facebook and twitter as the biggest social network

The Influence of Instagram

When it comes to the choice of “normal” hashtags, ie hashtags are not in connection with a campaign and the company, the selection should always be content. Which hashtag suits my photo? What Hashtags are used in this topic on Instagram?

Currently outweigh even English hashtags on Instagram. They are used more frequently, even in Germany, and theoretically provide more potential for the distribution of content. But it is also difficult to stand out from the crowd, because you have to compete with much more content and your own photo quickly in the hashtag search slide down. Thus, it is also useful to use hashtags, which are not used thousands of times, but to rely on hashtags in which one’s own photo is easier to find greatly improve your number of Instagram followers with igboost.

A rule of thumb for selecting hashtags do not exist. Depending on your organization and content are other relevant hashtags.

Increasingly replacing Influencer Relations established blogger relations. Each network has a power user / influencer and the selection is analogous to blogger relations. First, it is important to identify the right influencer. Show there are tools like totems, but also classical methods such as content search. Who deals with a specific topic? Who is blogging about a topic and is simultaneously active on Instagram? How can I put my content in a thematically foreign Instagram account?

The first place to have their own followers. Followers have an interest in your brand and products, interact with your content and publish photos of products. So it is natural to seek direct contact with the followers and here to begin the Influencer Relations.

A further possibility consists in the analysis of Branded Hashtags. What Instagram users use hashtags related to your business and how many interactions generate these photos ? So you can find out one hand, who is interested in your content and your company and on the other hand, how many users turn can inspire this Instagram account itself instagram 1000 follower kaufen.

But how you can win influencer? Sometimes, but not always, of course, by money. Companies can try to win over an influencer and thus increase the reach of their own accounts. The Influencer published a photograph with respect to the company, used a hashtag and marks the account of the company in the post. As a result, the hashtag gets more visibility, corporate account gains followers, new users are using the hashtag and highlight the company’s account also. It is important that the influencers one imposes no content mehr instagram follower. The range of the account is not created for no reason so highly and certainly not through advertising content.

But it can be done without money through committed and convincing community management. Rather than focusing on a “Star”, companies can also collaborate effectively with several smaller Instagram users. Not everyone Influencer requires thousands of followers. As with blogger relations, it is important to address the right people. The selection is made thematically and then by the number of followers if you want to get a bigger number you should look for websites where you can buy ig followers at the best prices.